What is the BUCK token redemption?

BUCK holders can redeem their SUI directly by exchanging BUCK for SUI at face value. Redemptions adjust the BUCK debt from Bottles and use their SUI collateral. During the redemption process, positions are redeemed in ascending order of their collateralization ratio. Redemptions can't occur when TCR < 110% or during the first 14 days after protocol deployment.

Partial redemption & Full redemption

In most cases, partial redemptions occur, as the redeemed amount often doesn't match the total debt of Bottles. In full redemption, the Bottle's debt is absorbed entirely, its Liquidation Reserve is canceled, and the collateral surplus is sent to a pool.

How do redemptions create a price floor?

The redemption mechanism creates a BUCK price floor, ensuring that the market price of the BUCK cannot fall below $1 USD.

Is redemption the same as paying back my debt?

No, redemptions are not the same as debt repayments. Anyone can initiate the redemption process, while only the borrower needs to repay the debt.

How is the redemption fee calculated?

The redemption fee is calculated using the formula (base-rate + 0.5%) * SUI drawn.

How is the base rate calculated?

Redemption fees are based on the dynamically updated base-rate state variable in Bucket Protocol. The base-rate increases with each redemption and decays according to the time passed since the last fee event—i.e., the previous redemption or issuance of BUCK.

Upon each redemption: base-rate is decayed based on time passed since the last fee event – base-rate is incremented by an amount proportional to the fraction of the total BUCK supply that was redeemed – the redemption fee is given by (base-rate + 0.5%) * SUI drawn

As a borrower, do I lose money if I'm redeemed against?

If your position is redeemed against, you won't incur a net loss but lose some SUI exposure. Your bottle's collateral ratio will improve.

How can I avoid being redeemed against?

To avoid being redeemed against, maintain a high collateral ratio. The riskiest positions are redeemed first.

Can the BUCK stablecoin become unstable?

Yes. The outside market may trade the stablecoin for less than the one USD equivalent. However, the redemption function decreases the likelihood because anyone can redeem 1 BUCK for $1 of SUI at face value at any time.

How does the protocol know how much BUCK to mint from deposited SUI?

BUCK minting is based on the SUI: USD price. It mints the necessary amount of BUCK requested, provided the chosen parameters meet the minimum loan requirements.

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