Why should I deposit $SUI and borrow $BUCK?

Bucket Protocol enables users to extract stable value from $SUI with zero interest, only a one-time borrow fee is required.

Why should I deposit $BUCK to the Tank?

Bucket Protocol force Tank to absorb the bad debt. If users deposit $BUCK in Tank, they're helping protocol and making it more healthy. As the compensation of taking this risk, Bucket Protocol will reward depositors with $BKT.

Why should I add liquidity to SUI/BUCK on DEX and stake the LP token?

Bucket Protocol is fully decentralized, and relies on liquidators to liquidate debt with Collateral Ratio lower than 110%. Adding SUI/BUCK liquidity on DEX will create a better environment with lower slippage for liquidators. As compensation for taking this risk, Bucket Protocol will reward liquidity providers with $BKT.

What can I do with $BKT?

$BKT serves as an incentive token in Bucket Protocol. Anyone who makes the protocol a better place should take part of the revenue from the protocol, which comes from three ways: Borrow Fee, Redemption Fee, and Flash-Loan Fee. Staking $BKT allows users to share these profits, which are in the form of $SUI and $BUCK, and motivates them to keep helping the only stablecoin protocol in the Sui ecosystem.

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